Nuclear Industry Steering Group for Security

Nuclear Industry Steering Group for Security Formed

Four Nuclear Security Summits (NSS) took place between 2010 and 2016. The Summits brought over 50 heads of state together to discuss ways to increase nuclear security and led to many important commitments and actions across the globe. Concurrent to the NIS, four Nuclear Industry Summits (NIS) also took place that brought leaders of industry together to discuss the contributions they could make to enhancing the implementation of nuclear security.

Since the final NSS took place in Washington, DC in the spring of 2016, many stakeholders have been working hard to determine how to sustainably and effectively continue this important work into the future. As a result, Action Plans have been developed to transition leadership responsibilities to major international organisations and relevant diplomatic initiatives, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), United Nations, INTERPOL, Global Initiative to Combat Terrorism (GICNT) and Global Partnership.

Similar efforts have been taking place among nuclear industry leaders. Members of the former board of directors of the 2016 NIS are pleased to announce the formation of the Nuclear Industry Steering Group on Security (NISGS) to continue industry’s efforts to support this initiative.

This high-level committee of senior industry representatives will work to:

NISGS members are now engaged in a detailed planning process to prioritise their work. Members would like to welcome and encourage other nuclear industry and nuclear-related organisations to participate in these efforts as well, especially those who are responsible for implementing effective security arrangements within national regulatory frameworks. They also seek to engage actively with other important stakeholders, such as civil society organisations, to achieve their mutual goal of sustainably enhancing nuclear security across the globe.

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Monday, 26th September 2016